One question I’ve been asked many times by two stroke customers-bikes, sleds, or Atv’s.

“Why does my engine smoke so much when I first start it”.

Well going back to the last time you used it, the gas and oil going into the engine from the carb and oil pump are atomized into very small particles so they can burn and the engine can make power.  When you shut off the engine and it cools down these little particles will turn back into a liquid and settle to the bottom of the engine.

When you start the engine the next time, this puddle of gas and oil has no place to go but up and back into the combustrin chamber where this extra fuel will make it run very rich until it’s all gone. What also doesn’t help this is a cold engine will need the choke turned on to help start, this extra rich mixture adds to the averall rich mixture and makes the engine smoke a lot until it’s warmed up and blown out.

When you first take off the higher RPM will help blow out the liquid around the crank shaft and that’s what causes that rough running on on the first ride of the day.  This is normal and all two stroke engines do it, think of it as part of warm up.

Happy Trails


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