After 40 years in the motorcycle industry I have THE answer to the question  ” What oil do I put in my motorcycle and should I use an oil additive”

I HIGHLY recommend the SILKOLENE COMP 4 oil in either the 15/40 or the 20/50 grades.

I also HIGHLY recommend the oil additive made by BG called EPC  (engine performance concentrate)

These two products together make the best lubricating package I have ever come up with.

This is what I tell my customers: with this oil and EPC in your engine you will feel a difference at the shift lever with in 3 to 5 miles. It does make that much of a difference-you can feel it.

Now if you can feel a difference at the shift lever, that is less friction in your engine and the rest of the moving parts will be happy and last a lot longer too.   Also it cannot effect your wet clutch.

I have taken apart several engines with over 50,000 miles on them that used Silkolene oil and EPC and and they still had the hone marks in the cylinders, These engines had almost no wear in them.

For your car use BG MOA  (motor oil additive) it has EPC in it and a lot of other additives that your car needs and a motorcycle does not.

I bought a new Toyota 4 runner in 1988 and it got Silkolene and EPC after break in for it’s life. I gave it to my son with 420,000 mile on it and it still uses no oil.

I truly believe in these products and I have many 1000’s of cans of EPC  in many motorcycles and NO ONE has ever asked for there money back because it didn’t work, most times a rider will come back to tell me it REALLY did make a difference that he could feel.

Hey you have to change your oil any way, why not try this and then you can tell me how great it worked for you.

To find a BG dealer near you go to will answer any oil questions you may have and explains all there products.

I hope this information helps you decide what oil to use next.

Ride safe