After working on a fleet of Yamaha’s this winter I learned some very good time saving short cuts. This one is on the Phazer 500 4-stroke.
If you have one that had a stator fail, most shops would remove the engine to change it.
What I found, You can change one in about 2 hours.
You will need to drain only the engine oil and remove the oil tank.swinging the battery box and wires forward, leave the radiator in it’s stock position. remove the plastic body parts to get at the voltage regulator (top left in front of the handle bars) unplug the large connector with 3 white wires (it goes to the stator) Now is a good time to test the regulator, if the stator is bad it may be too.
Unbolt the water pump, but do not split it or take off the hoses, swing it out of the way and unbolt the stator cover (the lower left allen bolts will need a swivel socket and most are in with loctite) The cover will be tough to get off because of the magnets in the flywheel, don’t get your fingers in between the cover. Now clean off the old gasket material, install the new  stator in the cover-Don’t forget to red loctite all bolts that go inside the engine- and reassemble.

NOTE  the triangle bracket that held the oil tank can get bent in from mild crashes and may need to be bent out a little to get the mag cover out. I hope this saves you some time.