This works great. You do NOT need to remove the engine to change out a bad starter. To begin remove the hood, side covers, belly pan plate, the oil filter and drain the oil from the engine and the tank. (the oil filter must be off to get the starter out) Remove the steering shaft that’s above the air box (I remove the tie rod at the front of the sled) I do this by putting the nut back on about half way and use a 12″ pipe that just fits over the threads but not the nut and hit with a hammer, it’s a tapered fit and pretty tight. now swing the shaft out of the way with all wires and cables from the handle bars attached. Now remove the air box. From here you can remove both front motor mount bolts. You do not need to loosen the long rear motor mount bolt.I than raise the front of the sled enough to to get under it and remove the starter motor bolts (a 12mm ratchet box wrench works great) and the 10 mm nut on the battery cable.Now pull the starter out of the engine and notice how close it is to coming out the bottom, set it in a spot as close to coming out as possible. I now get another person to help me and with two long pry bars going in from the sides prying against the frame and a safe place on the engine, move the engine back about 3/4 of an inch and the starter motor falls in the drain pan under the oil filter. I find that there is enough flex in the exhaust flex pipes to allow the engine to move back the small amount you need. You do not need to drain the coolant or remove any more parts to do this. with two people holding the engine back again you can get the new starter back in. Put all the removed parts back on and enjoy all the time you saved from flat rate. Yamaha now offers a replacement brush kit for this starter, now you don’t have to replace the whole starter   Ray