Hi! Welcome to Rays-Shop!!

I decided to start my online shop after searching the internet trying to find someone out there with REAL answers and information. What I did find was bad, confusing or downright wrong information. Either they are not answering your questions or they are not helping you get what you want done.

I am going to teach you REAL INFORMATION.

How to troubleshoot!

How to fix your ride and why!

How to maintain your ride for dependability, longevity, and enjoyment.

I will answer your questions with clarity and step by step instructions.

After all- didn’t you buy your ride- to RIDE?

I will to tell you and show you how to do specific jobs -the right way. The way I do that job in a real shop, telling you what parts to use, the right tools, brands and products that I use.

This is time tested information with the best products that I believe in. There is an awful lot of bad stuff out there for you to buy. How do you know if it works or even comes close to doing what it says it will do?

The products I recommend are endorsed after 39 years of practical shop experience and research. They are used under real life conditions with proven results.

I live in the Colorado high country at almost 9000’ where tuning isn’t a guess; it’s a way of life.

With 39 years professional shop experience. After personally owning at least 57 different bikes, snowmobiles and ATVs, and with over a million miles of street riding there are not many people out there that even come close to my experience.


Lets Ride!!

Ray Schmid